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About this project:

campaignCON is the product of a two day hackathon to end institutional corruption.

CampaignCON focuses on the relationship between campaign contributions and congressional candidates using FEC data to explore both the short term and long term trends of money in politics. Inspired by reports of inconsistencies between the FEC bulk data and the FEC individual records, CampaignCON seeks to ensure the integrity of FEC data in two ways. It keeps track of changes in FEC bulk data files over time and it tests the soon to be released FEC API against the bulk data. Tracing the data over time can surface possible data issues and keep track of how data is amended over time. Testing the new API against the current, public bulk data will identify potential data quality issues in the new data infrastructure that can then be fixed before release. Our project helps ensure that data coming from the government is sound and can be used for accurate reporting.